What's Special

There is no other mobile messaging app that offers better communication for daily and work usage like Omnichat.

Common users can easily share fun links or videos with friends or broadcast through Moments which will give everyone on your contact list a quick and easy look on what is going on with your life. If you are more of a privacy-concern person, wishing that your chat with your best buddy or spouse to be kept as secret, you are able to send auto-deleting messages.

Other than that, common users can choose to follow the merchant accounts or brands they like so that you won’t missed any latest announcement or special promotions.

Free for use

There is no subscription fee on the text messaging, voice call as it just using your data plan to do the job.

Group Chat

Communication is a huge element of collaboration. Keep in touch with the groups of your friends, family or coworkers. Any group members can join the conversation to share messages, photos, and videos. Also, at any time, you can add more people to the conversation or remove people from the conversation.

Voice Messaging

Voice message on OmniChat giving you more ways to connect with your friends, family or coworkers. Whether you are responding while you are on the move, or need to give an in-depth explanation, you don’t need to use keyboard to type out long sentences any more. Simply leave a voice message and the recipient can listen and respond to your message.


Moments helps you to share photos, videos, articles or memes with your friends and family. With Moments you can share your life story with friends. Your network will be able to know the fun times you have in your life. Likewise, you can check on the updates on your beloved ones as well.

Free Voice and Video Call

With OmniChat voice calls, you can talk to your friends and family for free, whenever and wherever you want. You can also have real-time face to face conversations with free video calls. OmniChat voice and video calls will require your phone’s Internet connection to be active. So, you don’t have to worry about expensive calling charges but just make sure you have a stable internet connection, then you can enjoy your chat with your friends and family.

Free Text Messaging

With OmniChat you can enjoy messaging with your friends and family, without worrying about any charges. Just like video and voice call, OmniChat uses your phone’s Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees.


Do you have so much going on in your live and you find it hard to keep track of everything? For instance, from anniversaries to birthdays and business meetings. You can always send reminders to you or your friend to remind on specific events. When setting a reminder, you can add almost every detail about it.  

Language Options

OmniChat currently support three languages, English, Chinese and Malay. You can switch the language according to your preference via the language option.

Merchant Overview

When it comes to business usage, OmniChat unifies your entire team communications easily, help you to streamline workflow processes and improve efficiency. Merchants will be provided with a web portal for users to achieve more and you can also connect OmniChat with your own customer service system. You can easily check how many people have subscribed to your brand with one simple click.

Moreover, you can also schedule announcement to broadcast the message to all subscribers. You can also manage and control your advertising budget for each ad you encourage the subscribers to share. Other features such as history record check allows you to easily backtrack past announcements, ads, promotions as well as budget details. OmniChat also offers simple and efficient account management in which you can create sub accounts for staffs and assign different user access settings based on the staffs’ position in the organisation.

Cash Voucher

Cash rebates for all spending using Omnipay.

For every single cent spent in Omnipay, users will receive a cash voucher of equivalent value.

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An ecommerce platform for users to shop for electronics and gadgets to fashion accessories.

Users can make purchases via cash or a cash voucher and cash combination.

Get more value for money when shopping on our listed branded products through cash vouchers.


A hassle-free digital payment platform. Just scan & pay! Omnipay is available in the Klang Valley, Penang, Melaka and other major cities. It also features an e-wallet that comes with cashback features. Users can top up their e-wallet through our partner banks in Malaysia or pay directly via credit card. Pay your utility bills, phone bills, and make purchases! Be part of our new innovation in digital payments


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